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Abundant Oil


Abundant Oil

I have to laugh at the way Father often give me clues to a message. This morning I was wondering why He gives me clues instead of just outright making it clear. This made me think that He enjoys me finding the “eureka” moment just as much as I do. There is a sweet satisfaction in that moment as the Holy Spirit leads me and a knowing that He alone gets all the glory. Such was this moment when He showed me the words OLIVE NIKKI PAGE the other day in a vision. What? It looked like someone’s first and second name, with the third being the surname. Well, I had no idea what it meant, but it kept bugging me since then…not knowing what it meant.  

Obviously I went into the meaning of the names, but still felt that I did not quite know what it was specifically He was saying. I was not happy with my own understanding and have been waiting on Him. The meaning of Olive is from an olive tree, which brought the connection with oil. Nikki comes from Nike, which means victory and Page means servant or helper. This made me think of the Menorah lamps and the 9th candle is called the helper. In Greek mythology it is called the Shamash and has it connection with the occult, linked to Sun-worship and Ishtar. However, this was not where Father wanted me to focus on. His focus was on the whole of the Menorah, including the Helper Candle.

This morning as I was praying for His children, especially knowing that today is V-day where it is a turn in the spirit, knowing we will start to see persecution going up a notch because of the Christian’s decline of the vaccine, He started to give me a Word for His Remnant Bride. Afterwards I decided to do a bit of research and will add it to this post with regarding to what He said. You will notice that all three meanings of the words OLIVE, NIKKI PAGE is in the Word. I pray you will heed what the Spirit is saying to His Bride.

Word received 14/12/20

Abundant Oil

My children, in the darkest times the light shines the brightest. Have I not said that you will grow brighter as unto the noonday? For it is such a time as this where I will enlighten your candle. Where I will cause you to burn with My zeal and bring light to those who sit in darkness. Do not fear. Have I not said that darkness cannot overwhelm light? Darkness flees in the sight of light. For I AM the light of the world. My Spirit in you burning with My zeal, not only for My children, but for those who still sit bound in darkness. For I will send you out to the houses, I will send you out to the marketplaces to shine in every corner, to shine on the hill tops. For though the enemy thinks that he has overcome, you are more than overcomers by My strength in you. It is such a time as this that you are to wait on Me to lighten your candle. For I have given you My Spirit…therefore, fan the flame that once burned so brightly. For as I lighten you, you will not stumble in the darkness to come, for you will walk in My light. I will lighten your understanding and you will see. Where others walk in darkness, My Word will be the lamp unto your feet and the light unto your path.  

Have I not said that I will not leave you orphaned? That I will come again? Therefore, occupy while it is still day, for night is at the door. The harvest is plenty, but the laborers few. But even as I used five loaves of bread and two fishes to feed thousands, so I will again use My Remnant to shine brightly in the darkness, to bring many into My barn.

Do not fear My children. Walk by faith for unbelief will cause you to stumble in all your ways if you are doubleminded. Look unto Me. I have given you all that is needed. You have to seek Me afresh. You have to trim your lamps and be filled with oil. I will pour the oil of My Spirit into those who have prepared their lamps. I will pour it into you abundantly at this 8th hour. For My oil will not only flow from your lamps, but unto the whole of My Body as you walk in unity, in your Priestly function as the sent out ones. Sent out to be the light of the world. As My Father have sent Me, so I send you. Now is the time to shine. Now is the time to seek Me afresh, to seek and buy this costly oil with your life. Those who seek Me will find Me. Those who put on their Priestly garments and have prepared the sanctuary of their hearts, will be filled with My glory. With fatness I will satisfy them and they will never run dry. Amen.

Please see below a short explanation on how and why we need to trim our lamps.

How can we trim our lamps?

In the ancient Temple era the Aaron priests were in charge of lighting the lamps of God and keeping it burning. Their main responsibilities included trimming the wicks, refilling the lamps constantly with fresh oil, and making sure it never burned out. A clear parallel can be drawn between the Aaronic Priesthood and the New Covenant Priesthood of Melchizedek and Yeshua. Both are responsible to keep the lamps burning. We are now also priests and are responsible to trim our lamps, our candles as well.

A closely trimmed wick becomes dim. A wick too long will burn high, wasting fuel. A properly trimmed wick will have a hedged shaped flame that will burn even and bright. Without the lamp trimmer, there is no light. Even so, it is important that you know the state of your lamp. The trimming made me think of John 15 where the Father as the Vinedresser comes to trim the tree. We are wild olives grafted into the natural olive tree, and even though John 15 refers to the vine, we can know that the more we are trimmed, that which is not of Him is cut away, the greater fruit we will produce. In this case, greater olives. Greater olives means more oil. But all olives had to be pressed to produce this oil. They have to be crushed. Those who have been crushed by this life under the hand of God, will soon pour forth the oil their lives have produced. Those who have not allowed the Spirit to trim them, will produce little fruit, and also little oil. Now is the time that we allow Him to trim all away, no matter the cost so that we may have enough oil in the time to come. To seek His face to show us what still needs to be cut away.

Not trimming a lamp can cause your flame to become dim as well. We can trim our lamps in different ways. We can fast and wait on Him to fill us afresh. We can spend time in the Word and less in the different forms of technology. We can seek out that much needed rest in order to require strength and perspective again. It is important that we will each individually hear from Father in what way He would want us to trim our lamp. Now is the time to do it so that in the time when you need to shine, you will not be worn out or be overcome yourself. Now is the time to seek His face.

I posted a word about MY FLORENCE NIGHTINGALE a week or so ago. She was known as the “lady with the lamp”. He said that soon He will send out His lady with the lamp. This word links to that word where we need to understand that whatever He has done and allowed in our lives thus far is the preparation for the time we are in. But all your knowledge and understanding will mean nothing if it is not drenched in the oil of the Spirit. For we are called to walk by faith, not by our understanding. He is not going to overwhelm us with His Spirit because we serve Him, but rather because we seek Him. The disciples had to wait in the upper room, praying and crying out to the Lord for the promise of His Spirit. Even so we are to wait and cry out to Him for that very promise.

Please Read:

Psalm 34: 4 - 5

I sought the LORD, and He heard me, and delivered me from all my fears.  They looked unto Him, and were lightened and their faces were not ashamed.

Psalm 18: 28

For Thou wilt light my candle: the LORD my God will enlighten my darkness.

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