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Please note that I only endorse the books I have read.  All these books have had a tremendous affect on my life.  Jesus Christ is called  THE WORD.  It will do us well to remind ourselves that He has raised up scribes and poets from different eras that carried the anointing of a skilled writer, that very anointing that is eternal, to bring forth fruit for many years.  Even in generations to follow.  His Word never returns void.

I highly recommend you ask the Holy Spirit to guide you to which book of this list of books He would want you to read.These books are available on and some even for free in pdf format on google.  May you find the treaures hidden within these timeless books inspired by the Spirit of God.

Books by Author:

Arthur Katz                                                                     

The Spirit of Truth                                                            


Apostolic Foundations

The Anatomy of Deception

Israel and God's End Time Purpose

Watchman Nee (also available in pdf on

The Character of God's Workman


The Latent Power of the Soul

Sit, Walk, Stand

Releasing the Spiritman

The Spiritual Man (3 Volumes)

Madam Jeanne Guyon

Spiritual Torrents

Short and Easy Method of Prayer

Authobiography of Madam Jeanne Guyon

Experiencing the depths of Jesus Christ

Letters from Madam Jeanne Guyon

The Way to God and the state of Union with God

Andrew Murray

Absolute Surrender

The Two Covenants


Abiding in the Vine


Holiest of All

Waiting on God

Holy in Christ

A. W. Tozer

The Pursuit of God

The Purpose of Man

The Crucified LIfe

The Knowledge of the Holy

P. T. Forsyth

The Soul of Prayer

The Cruciality of the Cross

Bascilea Schlink

Behold His Love

A Royal Priesthood

My All for Him

Brother Lawrence - Practising the Presence of God

Oswald Chambers - My Utmost for His Highest

William Gurnell - The Complete Armor of God

Thomas A' Kempis - The Imitation of Christ

Dr. T. Pierson - Autobiography of George Muller of Bristol

Brother Yun - The Heavenly Man

End Times Understanding:

The End Times Revealed like never before - Alain Dubreuil (Ministry Revealed)

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