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Freely I have received, freely I give...

Fields of Gold

This book is divided into three parts.

Part 1 - Discernment

Discernment is more than just having the knowledge of truth, rather it is being that truth in reality, and knowing Him who is the Truth.  This discernment does not come without a price, which leads to part 2 of the book.

Part 2 - Discipline

Discipline is the process by which we are taught by the Holy Spirit to humble ourselves and walk in holiness before the Lord. This is the process of sanctification to bring us to that place of authenticity. This then leads to part 3 of the book.

Part 3 - Devotion

Devotion is the result, the fruit, that is brought forth during sanctification, developing the Child of God into a Priestly Bride in humble servanthood and devotion.  Humble submission because she has forsaken all to be whatever He asks of her. No longer counting her life dear unto herself, and having given her all, He has now become her all in all.  

This book is straight talk and you will find yourself coming back to read it again. 

Letters from God

A book that is the compilation of encouraging words I received from the Lord during my wilderness years of sanctification.

It was written to encourage and to be a friend in need, giving you a glimpse into the heart of Father.  You will see yourself in these pages as your heart resonates with the letters He gives, and knowing just how close He walks with you.

This is not a book that you read just once, rather a book you keep at your side and allow the Spirit of God to direct you to that letter He knows you need to hear.  

It is my prayer that the Spirit will touch your heart deeply, bringing healing and comfort through God's letters.

Manna - Bread of Life

Thirty-one devotionals written during a very trying time of my life, filled with wisdom and revelation from the Father.  You will find a clear focus on sanctification and a constant draw to seeing life through the perspective of the Father.  Always the focus on our heart as we seek His Kingdom first.  

This manna is sure to fill and satisfy the hungry soul.  You will come back for more even as I have done.  I may have been the pen, but the Author is the Spirit of God.  

I pray you are nourished and encouraged every time you take a bite.

Arrows of Proclamation

In this book you will find an interesting explanation on the power of proclamation.  Just like the enemy has fiery darts, so the children of God do as well.  Proclamations only from Scripture addressing certain subjects.  Some of the subjects are fear, anger, faith, divine protection, God's sovereignty and more.

They pack a powerful punch as the Word of God will never return void.

A good book to keep in your arsenal.  

Thy Word is a Lamp unto My Feet 

and a Light unto My Path

This is a compilation of words received from Father for the edifying, direction and comfort for the Bride in difficult circumstances.  It truly is a comfort to be able to have these pages at hand in a time of need.  I pray it blesses you as it continues to do so in my life.

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  1. I would like to post a comment to encourage all to not only look into these books, but maybe print and bind a copy for yourselves! I have found over the last few months that my heart is continually moved in prayer, confession, and praise as I read the anointed words on the pages. These words are all founded on the Word of God, our King Jesus, as well as much personal trial, heartache, and tribulation used to perfect the heart of the one who has written them; they are birthed from experience and truth! I have been so impacted by the writings in these books that I share them on my own site as well as send out Daily Jewels via email to others sharing a different writing each day. I am so thankful to Father to have access to these books, because He has used the content to speak directly to me during a transitional time in my spiritual journey, and they have helped to bring needed revelation and solidify much change in me. I cannot imagine these books are just for me!! No; they are waiting for you too! :)