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This morning Father drew my attention to the fact that in Him there is a particular seeing that we are called to.  In 2020 He gave me the word FOCUS and Psalm 32 He says He will guide me with His eye upon me. This guidance would not be by showing me various things in the spirit realm, but that this eye upon me speaks of teaching me how to see.

I was wrestling about something, not sure how to handle it and His answer to me was that it is not about my doctrine or my particular truth.  It is not about whether I obeyed Him.  It is not whether I am right or wrong or the other person.  These things, these categories in my life are not my foundation.  "What your foundation is, is who I AM."  Our tendency is to see things through our own particular filters, especially when we know them to be doctrinally true.  And, of course, truth is always to be upheld.  But in this He was showing me the seeing that He wants to bring us into is not seeing the truth about Him, but The Truth - I AM.

This requires us to surrender to the uttermost, even our spiritual categories we so dearly hold on to, the diamonds we picked up in the rough during our journey with the Lord.  The particular wisdoms and revelations that have carried us through.  We become well-rehearsed in our answers, and even whilst asked a question, we already formulate our answer..."Because we know this one".  But in truth that is placing God in a box...albeit a very doctrinely truth box, still a box.  He wants us to be in such a place with Him that every situation asks of us to see it the way He sees it.  Our independence is magnified in these moments as we pride ourselves in knowing the answers to life's issues.  Where does one go to find this seeing as He sees? 

Isaiah said "I am a man of unclean lips for I have seen the Lord."  The seeing of God, meant the seeing of himself as he truly is...a man.  And not just a man, but one with unclean lips.  What kind of seeing is this of seeing God and being undone because of this seeing?  I cannot but think that the place of this seeing is in the holy of holies where the only light is the light of His presence, His glory.  Other than that...darkness.  Only He is seen in that moment and in the darkness nothing of become nothing.  Your opinion means nothing and all you know is nothing.  All that is, is I AM.  Within that veil you do not bring in your opinion, your truths or doctrines you hold stand there stripped aware of only two are man and He is God. Once you have left this place you come out changed, for now you truly see.  You do not see from your perspective, but you see as He sees, as He is. You see because you have seen Him.  I cannot help but to think of Moses who went up the mountain and spend so long in the presence of God, that He came out shining with the glory of God.  When He came down He did not only come down to present the LAWS, but he came down and presented God.  Those who are called to enter into this place and leave, have only one present God as He truly is.  Not the truth about God, but God, The Truth.  The man Moses is not presented. All that matters is that what has transpired in darkness, for Moses was in thick darkness on that mountain, just like in the Holy of Holies.  The essence of God and who He is cannot be explained by knowledge of doctrinal truth, but has to be revealed to us.  In Ephesians 1: 18  Paul prays for the Ephesians that they may receive the Spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Him.  This is also the very truth that protects us in this last age between what is true and what is deceptive, but coated in truth.  This is what gives us the edge when we as herolds go forth to proclaim the coming King...because we know the King, we have come to the place of Isaiah.  We are undone.

My attention was brought to three woman that seems to be connected.  The first one is Hannah, finding herself in the temple praying that she would be blessed with a child.  Vowing to offer him unto God to be His, if only she could be with child.  The next woman is Mary, whom being a virgin in every respect, found favor with God and bore the Son of Man, and lastly we find Anna, in the temple, who held this newborn Child and went out to proclaim the coming of the King.  I see three dispensations here...that of the Old Testament, the High Priest that will come in the foreshadow of Samuel.  Then Mary who is the fulfillment of that prophecy during the Church Age and Anna who held Him in her arms prophecied and went out into all Jerusalem to tell all of His salvation, as the coming Apostolic Age.  

All three woman are connected to one Child...the Christ.  Hannah went up during the feast days to implore the Lord for this child.  She desired this child so much and was willing to be rediculed by Eli, the then High Priest, of drunkeness, if only she may bring this child into this life.  Her barrenness was overwhelming to her and she cried endless tears before the Lord, not willing to let Him go unless He blesses her, as He did with Jacob.  She was found in the temple.  And so others may look upon us, those Pharisees, and ask why we are still found in the temple if He then does not answer our prayer.  Why are you going through so much and are willing to pay such a dear price in order to conceive?  In the same way we are called into the temple of God to make our requests known to Him that the Christ Child may be conceived in us and we may be found with Child. From out of her womb came forth the child Samuel, the foreshadow of a Prophet that will come from the womb of a virgin girl called Mary.

Mary, who was a virgin in contrast to Hannah is not found in a temple, but what little we know of Mary is that she was chosen because of her virginity and purity.  She was already betrothed and  resembles the Bride who carries this promised Child bringing Him forth into the world.  Her womb has been opened, the veil has been torn and from her came forth the Messiah.  Chosen, because of her purity and so He seeks the virginal Bride that will bring forth the Christ Child.  Her virginity was at the heart of the birth, because there would not have been the Christ Child if she was not pure.  So our purity, our holiness is at the heart of the birth of the Christ Child in us.  And so He desires purity of His Bride so that He may come forth. And after her days of cleansing, on the 8th day, she brought Him into the temple, into the arms of Anna, the Prophetess.

Anna who was a virgin at birth, an 84 year old widow, spent all her time praying and worshipping in the temple.  She was a New Testament type of Hannah, however all her days were spent in the temple.  Here she was constantly under the voice of the High Priest, Simeon, as he read the Torah and served in the temple.  A wise woman who was often in the position to minister to others because not only of her understanding of the Torah, but because she spent her days and nights in the temple of His presence.  So that when she saw the Child, she already knew the Child.  Because it was to Him that she prayed and pleaded for Zion.  It was because of Him she dare not leave the temple.  It was to Him that she betrothed herself to and it was on Him that she was the temple.  And although she was not privy to go into the Holy of Holies in the temple itself, He has met her countless times in the secret place of her heart.  In the Holy of Holies of her temple.    There she communed with Him and there she met her Maker.  There she was undone.  Where others only saw a child, she saw thé CHILD.  She immediatly broke out in exhuberant worship and went out to tell all of the Messiah.  And so those who have spent their days and nights, resembling Him being their all, in the temple, in the Holy of Holies, knows Him as He truly is, and will be sent to go forth and proclaim the Messiah unto a dying world.  The Word makes it clear that Anna was different, not because she was a Prophetess, but because of where she spent her life - in the presence of God.  In that place where we do not come in with our categories, no matter how much we know the Word, so that when He shows up not in the splendour of a mighty King, but as a child, she recognises Him.  

He is waiting on those who will seek Him day and night in the temple of our hearts, in the same place that Isaiah was undone, a man with unclean lips.  Someone as this, He sends out, because having seen Him, they will not present themselves, their opinions and doctrinal truth, but Him...the essence of Him, the Truth.  Seeing as He sees requires that we come to the end of our categories of all our truths, so that we are transformed by the truth.  You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free...sometimes we need to be made free of that which is not so obvious. This truth sets us free to conform to the opinions of others, but mostly free from our own opinions...about the truth.  The truth of who He is, is at the heart of seeing.  It sets us free from stoic and predictable phrases that sounds right, but lacks life.  It sets us free from having to come up with the right answer, when all that matters is who He is.  Because who He is answers all the questions.  To present Him is the greatest honor and calling of our lives.  Not how we have formulated our opinion of Him through our lives, however precious, but from out of the Spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Him, from out of the dark place, where no flesh may enter.  No mixture of self.  Seeing Him as He chooses to reveal Himself to you in that given moment.  From this place is our seeing to be, because His seeing will be our seeing, and so will our speaking and hearing.  For as a child is birthed from the very cells of a mother and comes forth from her womb, so when Christ is formed in us, we are one with Him.  But this takes time and this takes seeking Him day and night in the temple, seeking His face.

Please Read:

19 My little children, of whom I travail in birth again until Christ be formed in you...

Psalm 27: 4 - 5

One thing have I desired of the Lord, that will I seek after; that I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life, to behold the beauty of the Lord, and to enquire in his temple.

For in the time of trouble he shall hide me in his pavilion: in the secret of his tabernacle shall he hide me; he shall set me up upon a rock.

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