Friday, March 26, 2021


I will draw all men unto Me. For I am the Lover of souls. I gave My life that you may have life. Not only on the cross, but when I left My Father's side.

I am the Beginning and the End, forever the Lamb slain before the foundation of this world.

And still right to the end, amidst the chaos, I will still draw them to Me. For I am full of compassion and slow to anger. My wrath is for a season, but My love will never end. Neither will My word fall to the ground. That which I have promised, I will do.

Oh, My lambs, come to Me and draw near to Me as I embrace you in My loving arms. For I am desirous to take you up. When your mother, father, brother, sister and friend has forsaken you, I am all that to you. I am your all in all. I am your beginning and your end. You are Mine. And nobody will be able to snatch you out of My Father's hands.

Know that in this hour, My eye is upon you, to deliver you, to draw you, to make all things new. I have promised you new life. I am eternal life. I and My Father are one and we will draw you to us. That you may be one with us. That you may be where I am.

I will draw all men unto Me. Let those who desire salvation come. Come to Me. 

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